Ongoing Support

images/Be-Your-Own-Boss-Sign960X630.jpgAs a Same Day Grab Bars® business owner, you'll work from home in a large, exclusive territory on a flexible schedule inside a climate-controlled environment with no competition from other Same Day Grab Bar® franchisees — and gain the advantage and name recognition as an authorized Moen® Accessory Distributor.

You will hit the ground running with a proven system for making money and happy customers, multiple recognized trademarks, effective and proven advertising programs, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and a system-wide toll-free 800 number answered 24/7 by our Call Center.

After you launch your new business, we are always available to help with any questions or issues by text, email, and telephone.  Or maybe you want to bounce a new idea off us or tell us about a great day.

Whatever it is, a great day, a new idea, or you run into a problem during a grab bar installation or managing the back end of your business, we're here to help.  Most likely, we have dealt with the problem before, and even if we haven't, we'll help you find a solution.  You don't have to go it alone.

Call Center

Our US-based Call Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and answers all inbound calls from our toll-free 800 number.  For customer inquiries in your Exclusive Territory, the Call Center will attempt a live transfer to your business phone during regular business hours and hand the customer off to you if you answer.

But you don't need to be tethered to your phone.  If you are unavailable, the operator will let the customer know you will call to set an appointment.  You'll get a text and email with the customer's name, location, contact information, and call time.

The Call Center will answer general questions about the Same Day Grab Bars® service, not pricing or scheduling.  You're always in charge of price quotes, your schedule, and setting customer appointments.

Print Advertising / Marketing

We know you're probably not a marketing professional, so we work closely with you to develop a marketing plan and can even work directly with your advertising medium to ensure everything goes as it should.

Print advertising is especially effective with our demographic, so we design proven, eye-catching display advertising and other promotional material, such as postcards, for your Same Day Grab Bars® business.  In addition, we have a large variety of camera-ready art available for immediate download in various sizes.  Our display ads are consistent and use the toll-free 800 number, so chances are we'll have just what you need.

If not, we can quickly custom-design the exact ad size for you.

Online Marketing

Same Day Grab Bars® maintains an online and social media presence.  We use a combination of Google Ads (Pay Per Click) and specific keywords and have a Facebook presence where we engage with our customers, all designed to drive traffic to our website and your business.

When potential customers search Google for grab bar installation, they'll find Same Day Grab Bars®.  And you.


What's in a name?  Everything.

Same Day Grab Bars® tells the public what we do and how we do it.  The One Call Stops the Fall® slogan is catchy, memorable, and reinforces our business model.  Both are protected by federal registration, so you don't have to worry about others using them.  We recently applied for "We Know Grab Bars, It's All We Do" to add to our collection since many customers choose us because we're specialists.

As a Same Day Grab Bars® business owner, you can rely on these powerful, recognizable trademarks to influence your customers buying decisions and create a positive message about your new business.

Protected, established trademarks are an invaluable part of what you get when you invest in a franchise.


One of the hardest things for a new business is getting reviews.  It's a Catch-22.  Most consumers read multiple online reviews before visiting a business, and many trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  But potential customers typically consider a company with no online reviews the same as having bad reviews, so getting those first customers to trust and use you without positive reviews can be challenging. 

The good news?  Good reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions and strengthen a company's credibility, and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews on our website and more on Google Business.  So you get built-in credibility to help launch your new business and ramp up quickly, and you can then start collecting even more 5-star reviews for your Same Day Grab Bars® franchise.

Continuous R & D

In our continuing quest to be the best and most efficient grab bar installation company, we've developed exclusive anchoring systems and proprietary tools designed and manufactured exclusively for us and only available to our franchisees.

Our unique tools and methods will significantly speed up the job with much greater accuracy and make grab bar installation a trouble-free, one-person job.  You will stand out as a professional grab bar installation specialist while your customers enjoy peace of mind, happy they chose the right company.

One Call Stops the Fall®

Safe.  Fast.  Affordable.